For you pewdie :D I hope you notice this on twitter ;O; gosh I love you so much and I look up to you and you just make me laugh and smile like all the time ;u; just your videos just are amazing and I can’t thank you enough for putting a smile on my face pewds. Brofist!!!!

How to be attractive (x)


I’m watching you.

Room Tour x



"I’m not going to do the ice bucket challenge, I’m very sorry. It’s not going to make a difference if I do it or not. Everyone knows about the ice bucket challenge by this point. So instead I wanted to do what, it seems like a lot of people who do the ice bucket challenge don’t do, which is: talk about ALS, explain what ALS is."

An idea that I may or may not go forward with, but I wanted to see what you bros would think.


So I made the decision to turn comments off on my videos. You can see why here:

I noticed today while messing with the settings in YouTube that you can invite certain type of people to comment on the video and block out…


Season 1 Episode 5 vs Season 2 Episode 5


No,thank you Felix for making us smile each and every day and making our lives at least a bit better.


It pisses me off that because of peoples’ stupidity Felix doesn’t see all the support from us. He couldn’t see how much we love his videos and appreciate all the time and effort he puts into them. And that’s just sad. How would that make you feel if you were in his place? Would you just keep it…